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Packages that use Group

Uses of Group in org.mentawai.action

Methods in org.mentawai.action with parameters of type Group
 void BaseLoginAction.setUserGroup(Group group)
static void BaseLoginAction.setUserGroup(Group group, Context session)
static void BaseLoginAction.setUserGroups(Context session, Group... groups)
 void BaseLoginAction.setUserGroups(Group... groups)

Uses of Group in org.mentawai.authorization

Fields in org.mentawai.authorization with type parameters of type Group
protected static Set<Group> AuthorizationManager.groups
protected static Map<String,Group> AuthorizationManager.groupsMap
protected static Map<Integer,Group> AuthorizationManager.groupsMapId

Methods in org.mentawai.authorization that return Group
 Group Group.addPermission(Permission p)
 Group Group.addPermission(String permission)
static Group AuthorizationManager.getGroup(int id)
static Group AuthorizationManager.getGroup(String groupName)

Methods in org.mentawai.authorization that return types with arguments of type Group
 List<Group> DBAuthorizationGroup.loadGroupList(Connection conn)
          Call this method if you need to get a list of groups and permissions (if exists) The SQL statement that will be constructed:

Methods in org.mentawai.authorization with parameters of type Group
static void AuthorizationManager.addGroup(Group g)
static boolean AuthorizationManager.check(Group group, String permission)
          Check if the permission exists in the group.
static boolean AuthorizationManager.checkAny(Group group, List<String> permissions)
          check if the any permissions exists in the group
static boolean AuthorizationManager.hasGroup(Group g)
static void AuthorizationManager.setUserGroup(Group g, Context session)

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