Package org.mentawai.coc

Interface Summary
ConsequenceProvider Create a Consequence based on a Convention.

Class Summary
CoCActionConfig A action config that uses Convention over Configuration.
DefaultConsequenceProvider The default consequence provider used by Mentawai controller when autoView is set to true, which is the default anyways.
ForwardConsequenceProvider A ConsequenceProvider that provides ForwardConsequences based on the given convetion: If the execute() method was invoked: /(the name of the action)/(the result of the action's execution).jsp If a inner action was invojed: /(the name of the action)/(the name of the inner action)/(the result of the action's execution).jsp
OldAutoViewConsequenceProvider This consequence provider was build for backward compatibility with the old auto view schema, in other words, if you were using the old auto view schema you can use the consequence provider to simulate the same behaviour when choosing your consequences.

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