Package org.mentawai.converter

Interface Summary
Convertable An action can implement this interface when it wants to define the rules for input values conversion.
Converter This is a simple interface for field convertion.

Class Summary
BasicConverter The simplest form of a converter that takes an object and convert it to another one.
DateConverter Converts a java.lang.String to a java.util.Date using the user locale.
LocaleConverter A converter that needs to know the user locale to perform the conversion.
SQLToUtilDataConverter Deprecated. Use the one with the correct name SQLToUtilDateConverter
SQLToUtilDateConverter A converter for converting a java.sql.Date to a java.util.Date.
UtilToSQLDateConverter A converter for converting a java.util.Date to a java.sql.Date.

Exception Summary
ConversionException An exception that can happen when a conversion fails.

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