Interface Filter

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All Known Implementing Classes:
ActionContextFilter, AjaxFilter, AjaxValidationFilter, ApplicationFilter, AuthenticationFilter, AuthenticationFreeMarkerFilter, AuthorizationFilter, AutoWiringFilter, BlacklistParamFilter, BooleanFilter, CharacterEncodingFilter, CollectionFilter, ConnectionFilter, ConversionFilter, ConverterFilter, CookieFilter, CookiesFilter, DateConverterFilter, DateFilter, DependencyFilter, DIFilter, DoubleConverterFilter, DynamicListFilter, DynamicValueFilter, ErrorsFilter, ExceptionFilter, FieldErrorsFilter, FileUploadFilter, FlashScopeFilter, FormatFilter, FormatterFilter, GeoFilter, GlobalFilterFreeMarkerFilter, HeaderFilter, HeadersFilter, HibernateAnnotationFilter, HibernateFilter, InjectionFilter, InputFilter, IntegerConverterFilter, IoCFilter, IpFilter, JpaFilter, LocaleFilter, MentaContainerFilter, MessagesFilter, MethodParamFilter, OutjectionFilter, OutputFilter, OVFilter, PaginationDisplayTagFilter, PaginationFilter, PaginatorFilter, PostOrGetFilter, PrettyURLParamFilter, PushConnectionFilter, PushInjectionFilter, PushIoCFilter, PushVOFilter, RedirectAfterLoginFilter, RedirectAfterLoginMarkerFilter, ResultFilter, SessionFilter, SpringFilter, TransactionFilter, TrimFilter, ValidationFilter, ValidatorFilter, VOFilter

public interface Filter

A filter intercepts an action so it can modify its input and output, before and after the action is executed. Filters are very useful for validation, authentication, value objects, file upload, etc.

Sergio Oliveira

Method Summary
 void destroy()
          Gives a chance to the filter to deallocalte any resources before it is destroyed.
 String filter(InvocationChain chain)
          Executes the filter.

Method Detail


String filter(InvocationChain chain)
              throws Exception
Executes the filter.

chain - The InvocationChain for the action this filter is being applied to.
The result of the filter or the action the filter is being applied to.


void destroy()
Gives a chance to the filter to deallocalte any resources before it is destroyed. This is called when the web application is stopped, in other words, this has nothing to do with garbage collection.

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