Uses of Interface

Packages that use Output

Uses of Output in org.mentawai.core

Classes in org.mentawai.core that implement Output
 class MapOutput
          A simple Output implementation backed up by a java.util.HashMap.
 class OutputWrapper
 class ResponseOutput
          A simple Output implementation backed up by a java.util.HashMap.

Fields in org.mentawai.core declared as Output
protected  Output BaseAction.output

Methods in org.mentawai.core that return Output
 Output SingleInstanceBaseAction.getOutput()
 Output PojoAction.getOutput()
 Output BaseAction.getOutput()
 Output Action.getOutput()
          Gets the action output.
 Output BaseAction.output()

Methods in org.mentawai.core with parameters of type Output
protected  void StreamConsequence.defineHeader(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse res, Output output)
 void SingleInstanceBaseAction.setOutput(Output output)
 void PojoAction.setOutput(Output output)
 void OutputWrapper.setOutput(Output output)
 void BaseAction.setOutput(Output output)
 void Action.setOutput(Output output)
          Sets the output for this action.

Uses of Output in org.mentawai.filter

Classes in org.mentawai.filter that implement Output
 class OutjectionFilter
          A filter that takes all the properties of the action and place them in the output, so that you don't have to call output.setValue() manually.

Uses of Output in org.mentawai.jruby

Methods in org.mentawai.jruby that return Output
 Output RubyAction.getOutput()

Methods in org.mentawai.jruby with parameters of type Output
 void RubyAction.setOutput(Output output)

Uses of Output in org.mentawai.util

Methods in org.mentawai.util that return Output
 Output MockAction.getOutput()

Methods in org.mentawai.util with parameters of type Output
static StringBuffer DebugServletFilter.getDebug(Output output)
static void InjectionUtils.setObject(Object bean, Output output, String prefix, boolean overwrite)
          Extract all properties from bean and place them in output.
 void MockAction.setOutput(Output output)

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