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Packages that use ListData

Uses of ListData in org.mentawai.ajaxtag.responses

Constructors in org.mentawai.ajaxtag.responses with parameters of type ListData
AutocompleteResponse(ListData data)
ListDataAjaxtagResponse(ListData data)
SelectDropdownResponse(ListData value)

Uses of ListData in org.mentawai.authorization

Methods in org.mentawai.authorization with parameters of type ListData
static void AuthorizationManager.addListGroup(ListData data)

Uses of ListData in org.mentawai.core

Methods in org.mentawai.core with parameters of type ListData
 void ApplicationManager.addList(ListData listData)
          Adds the list to this ListManager, so there is no need to use ListManager.addList

Uses of ListData in

Methods in that return ListData
static ListData Country.getListData(LocalizedListData list)
static ListData Country.getListData(String name)

Uses of ListData in org.mentawai.list

Classes in org.mentawai.list that implement ListData
 class BaseListData
          A base implementation for a ListData that will load files and sort.
 class CustomListData
 class DBListData
          The ListData that will load its ListItems from a database.
 class I18nListData
          This class implements a more sophisticated data list then a SimpleListData, with locales and i18n files.
 class LocalizedListData
          This class implements a ListData that supports multiple locales.
 class SimpleListData
          This class implements the simplest possible data list, with no locales or i18n files.

Methods in org.mentawai.list that return ListData
static ListData ListManager.convert(Collection data)
static ListData ListManager.convert(Collection data, String keyProperty, String valueProperty)
static ListData ListManager.convert(Map data)
static ListData ListManager.convert(String listName, Collection data)
static ListData ListManager.convert(String listName, Collection data, String keyProperty, String valueProperty)
static ListData ListManager.convert(String listName, Enum[] enums, boolean i18n)
static ListData ListManager.convert(String listName, Map data)
static ListData SimpleListData.getDaysOfTheMonth(String name)
static ListData ListManager.getList(String listname)
          Get a ListData by its name.
static ListData SimpleListData.getYears(String name, int begin, int end)
abstract  ListData CustomListData.load(Connection conn)

Methods in org.mentawai.list that return types with arguments of type ListData
static List<ListData> ListManager.getLists()
          Return all lists (ListData) in a java.util.List

Methods in org.mentawai.list with parameters of type ListData
static void ListManager.addList(ListData list)
          Add a ListData to this ListManager.

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