Uses of Interface

Packages that use Message

Uses of Message in org.mentawai.core

Methods in org.mentawai.core with parameters of type Message
 void BaseAction.addError(Message error)
          Adds an error to the action.
 void BaseAction.addError(String field, Message error)
          Adds an error to the action for the given field.
 void BaseAction.addMessage(Message msg)
          Adds an message to the action.
 void BaseAction.addMessage(Message msg, boolean flash)

Uses of Message in org.mentawai.filter

Method parameters in org.mentawai.filter with type arguments of type Message
protected  Map<String,String> AjaxValidationFilter.proccessList(List<Message> list, Locale loc)

Uses of Message in org.mentawai.message

Classes in org.mentawai.message that implement Message
 class AbstractMessage
 class DefaultMessage

Methods in org.mentawai.message that return types with arguments of type Message
static List<Message> MessageManager.getErrors(Action action, boolean create)
static Map<String,Message> MessageManager.getFieldErrors(Action action, boolean create)
static List<Message> MessageManager.getMessages(Action action, boolean create)
static List<Message> MessageManager.getMessages(Action action, boolean create, boolean flash)

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